The 2nd Project Meeting: 12-14 June 2019, Warsaw

Partners discussed the current state of play of the project and especially the progress made on Output 1 with its main result being the training methodology that is now completed.

Partners discussed the current state of the project and especially the progress of Output 1 and the development of the training methodology that is now being completed. The training methodology was discussed and finalised, and partners focused on its relation to the development of the training modules - Output 2, which was also discussed, including the development of the project website and the project training materials, currently under development.

Among them, five modules on the following topics:
- local food production
- food waste
- food chain
- resource efficiency: sustainability and circularity
- responsible food consumption

These modules will be ready by November 2019, when work on Output 3 will begin more intensively.
Output 3 was also discussed as it will see the development of teaching aides for teachers including posters, comics, interactive activity sheets and the educational video. In particular, partners presented and discussed potential ideas on how the comic strips would be developed, incorporating input and feedback from all partners at different developmental stages of the comics. This process will begin in tandem with the finalisation of the training modules, so that every partner is on the same page and no time is lost in the development of some of the key project deliverables which will later be tested among the target group and presented at multiplier events.
Overall, the meeting was successful and efficient. Partners agreed upon upcoming tasks and deadlines and started organising the next project meeting proposed for December 2019, as well as what would be worked on during the next meeting where the final training modules would be presented and feed into work plans for Output 3 and the development of the additional teaching aides.
In this second meeting of the FOOD-AWARE project, partners also took the opportunity to get to know each other better, forging stronger working relationships between them so as to ensure the highest quality of the outputs of the project ensuring their consistency and that all partners are on the same page in terms of ultimate aims and objectives for each module and teaching aide.
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